Brian Wilshere’s Dreamtimer was the most instantly engaging of all the pieces.
Ivan Hewitt, Daily Telegraph

… impressive compositional accomplishments and grasp of rhythmic vitality.
Ruth Goslett, Croydon Advertiser

Brian’s pieces undulate gracefully, with looped sequences interlocking with percussion and violin in a big Riley and Glass way.
Phil Ward, Music Technology

… [the] elements of repeated patterns, syncopated rhythms, long, unbreathing string lines and artificially induced climaxes were pure Wilshere.
Christopher Wood, Croydon Advertiser

It was a thrilling piece with intricate weaving of melodies and compelling rhythms in which one became totally involved as they gathered momentum. The audience loved it too, and when Brian Wilshere came onto the stage to acknowledge the applause, he received the loudest ovation of the evening.
Imogen Nicholls, Jersey Evening Post

… musically dramatic, atmospheric, and melodic …
Anne Slatford, Croydon Advertiser

… the piece was enjoyable and well received, a pleasure to listen to.
Ruth Goslett, Croydon Advertiser

His new work uses rock harmonies and rhythms to create a fascinating texture of sound. It is both interesting and accessible …
Anne Slatford, Croydon Advertiser